Shake It Off!
Branding, Logo Design, Product Design
When YouTube personality Mike Shake came to his audience looking for a new logo, he wanted a mark that represented his core values — staying determined and never giving up.
Through the use of a visual diagram, I began sketching ideas that evoked the concept of shaking it off — a figure of speech meaning to start or try again — which fell in line with Shake’s core values.

Coincidentally, the words also played on Mike Shake’s name.
With Shake’s only other criteria being that the logo contain golden yellow, I determined that his logo should take the form of real-life representations of overcoming an obstacle (the mountains) and starting again (sunrise), as seen in the deconstruction above.
The logomark on a grid.
The combination mark.
For the secondary palette — off-white, slate gray, misty blue, and of course, golden yellow — I wanted to represent his brand as adventurous yet calm. The colors chosen also allow for brand flexibility, such as for use in advertisements and on merchandise.
A mock-up of the combination mark on Shake’s YouTube channel.
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