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Less (Longhorn Energy Saving Students) is a system designed to help University of Texas at Austin students conserve energy.

How It Works:

At the start of each month, UT Austin students are asked to compete to conserve the most energy
in their dorm rooms and on campus, using the UT Conserve mobile app to track their efforts.

At the end of the first week, the student who made the greatest impact is appointed as the Energy Ambassador of their dorm and awarded the Less Toolkit.

For the remainder of the month, the Energy Ambassador follows the instructions manual inside the toolkit to further promote better energy-spending habits at The University.
Detail of the logo screenprinted onto the Less Toolkit.
The toolkit is designed using a single sheet of recycled carboard, saving on money and materials. Slits are made to hold and showcase the enclosed CFL lightbulbs.
Wooden dowels are used to clasp the toolkit closed.
Step 1. The Energy Ambassador distributes the enclosed cards in their dormitory and across campus. The cards aim to spread awareness about energy consumption and conservation.
Step 2. The Energy Ambassador distributes the enclosed stickers to students. The stickers provide helpful reminders for saving water and electricity.
Step 3. The Energy Ambassador totes their new shirt and tote bag (containing the toolkit) while engaging in conversations about energy conservation on campus.
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